Spring 2014

March 31st
Realizing Humanity through Animality: An Interpretation of Nature and Artifice in Leviathan
Rebecca Ploof,, University of Chicago

April 7th
“Cruising Nietzsche: Sex, Shame, (Anti)sociality”
Samuel Galloway,, University of Chicago

April 14th
“Productive Resistance in Kant’s Political Thought: Domination, Counter-Domination, and Global Unsocial Sociability”
Sankar Muthu, University of Chicago

April 21st
“Diagnosing Late Liberalism: Foucault’s Critique of Power and the Excess of Politics”
Ashleigh Campi, University of Chicago

April 28th
“A Thread of Reciprocity: Michel Foucault’s Promise of Freedom”
Daniel Nichanian, University of Chicago

May 5th
“Radical Capitalism and the Struggle Over Common Sense”
Ella Myers, University of Utah

May 12th
“The Many, the Poor and the Free: Revisiting Aristotle’s Significance for Democratic Theory”
Gordon Arlen, University of Chicago

May 19th
“Provincializing Political Theory: History, Sovereignty, and Paths Not Taken”
Jeanne Morefield, Whitman College

May 26th
Memorial Day, no workshop

June 2nd
“Sovereignty, Property, State: Elements of Liberal Political Freedom”
Dawn Herrera Helphand, University of Chicago