Winter 2011

January 10
“Responsibility Sensitive Egalitarianism”
Ryan Long, University of Chicago

January 17
Martin Luther King Jr. Day — NO SESSION

January 24
“Statecraft as Soulcraft: Producing Obedience in Spinoza’s Political Philosophy”
David Wollenberg, University of Chicago

January 31
“Montesquieu on Political Liberty”
Annelien De Dijn, University of Notre Dame

February 7
Co-Sponsored with the Political Theory Workshop at Northwestern University
“Founding as Legislating: The Figure of the Lawgiver in Plato’s Republic
Melissa Lane, Princeton University

February 14
“Political Philosophy in Ancient Ugarit?”
Aaron Tugendhaft, New York University

February 21
“Sense and Sensibilities: Rancière’s Political Aesthetics and the Sociable Kant”
Ian Storey, University of Chicago

February 28
“Why Philosopher-Kings Should Rule”
Jonny Thakkar, University of Chicago

March 7
“The Hermeneutics of Suspicion: Recovering Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud”
Brian Leiter, University of Chicago

March 14
“A Critique of Ideological and Subjective Accounts of (Internalized) Oppression/Racism”
Ainsley LeSure, University of Chicago