Winter 2014

January 6th
“Alexander the Great and the Enlightenment”
Pierre Briant, College de France

January 13th
“Hume’s Low Road to Toleration”
Greg Conti, Harvard University

January 20th
Martin Luther King Day

January 27
“A Future for Marriage? Monogamy and Democracy
Stephen Macedo, Princeton University

February 3rd
“The Space of Appearance and the Space of Reasons: On Arendt’s Theory of Worldly Autonomy”
J.J. McFadden, University of Chicago

February 10th
“Political Theory and the Contradictions of Individualism: towards a critical social theory of individualism in modernity”
Fabian Arzuaga, University of Chicago

February 17th
“Two Conceptions of Ideal Theory”
Ben Laurence, University of Chicago

February 24th
“On Principles and Responsibility in Revolutionary Times: Kant and Constant’s Debate on Lying”
Genevieve Rousseliere, University of Chicago

March 3rd
“The Populist Phenomenon”
Nadia Urbinati, Columbia University

March 10th
“Mad Politics: Voice on an Asylum Ward”
Christopher Berk, University of Chicago

March 17th
“Non-Domination and Political Institutions: The Contested Concept of Republican Democracy”
Ricardo Silva, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina