The Political Theory Workshop
Autumn 2019
Mondays, 12-1:20pm, Pick 506, unless otherwise noted

October 3rd 5pm at the Neubauer Collegium
Duncan Kelly, University of Cambridge
Book Talk: “The Politics of the Anthropocene”
Co-sponsored with the Neubauer Collegium

October 7th
Michaele Ferguson, University of Colorado at Boulder
“Playing with Iris Young: Feminist Political Theory as Improvisatory Jazz”

October 8th 4:30pm
Rainer Forst, Goethe Universität
“A Critical Theory of Transnational (In-)Justice: Realistic in the Right Way”
Co-sponsored with Law, Letters, and Society

October 14th
Mark Fisher, Georgetown University
“Beyond Democracy and Autocracy: The Opening of Thucydides”

October 21st
Natasha Piano, University of Chicago PhD Candidate
Job Talk: “Elites and Democratic Theory: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science, and the Problem of Plutocracy”

October 28th
Alex Haskins, University of Chicago PhD Candidate
Job Talk: “Contested Realms of Empire”

October 30th 12:30pm
Aditi Rajeev, University of Chicago PhD Candidate
Job Talk: “Faith in Conquest: Colonialism and Christianity in Portuguese Goa”
Joint session with the Comparative Politics Workshop

November 4th
Jason Stanley, Yale University
“The Philosophy of Fascism”

November 11th
Nazmul Sultan, University of Chicago PhD Candidate
Job Talk: “Waiting for the People: Colonialism and the Idea of Democracy in India”

November 18th
Robert Stone, University of Chicago PhD Candidate in Social Thought
“Thucydides on the Athenian Assembly: The Mytilene Debate”

November 25th
Lawrie Balfour, University of Virginia