The Political Theory Workshop
Autumn 2020
Mondays, 12-1:20pm CST

October 12th
Danielle Charette, University of Chicago
Practice Job Talk: “A Republican Ruse?: David Hume’s Perfect Commonwealth”

October 19th
Lawrence Svabek, University of Chicago
“Du Bois, the Land Question, and the Black Cooperative Nation”

October 26th
Giulia Oskian, Yale University

November 2nd
Aylon Cohen, University of Chicago
“From the Body of the King to the Body of the Nation: Sodomy, Sovereignty, and the Problem of Political Attachment”

November 9th
Luke Foster, University of Chicago
A Reading of the John Dewey-Irving Babbitt Debate

November 16th
Nancy Luxon, University of Minnesota
“Disalienation as a Practice of Freedom”

November 23rd
No workshop (Thanksgiving break)

November 30th
Barbara Buckinx, Princeton University
“Foreign Policy and Domination: Options for the Cosmopolitan State”

December 2nd 10:30am
Avia Pasternak, University College London
“Political Rioting: A Moral Assessment”
Co-sponsored with the course “Freedom, Justice, and Legitimacy”

December 7th
Deva Woodly, The New School
“Radical Black Feminist Pragmatism: The Political Philosophy of the Movement for Black Lives”