October 11th (Zoom)

Melvin L. Rogers, Brown University
“The Darkened Light of Faith: An Introduction”

October 18th (Zoom)

Samuel A. Chambers, Johns Hopkins University
“Money Has No Value”

October 25th (Zoom)

Larry Svabek, University of Chicago (Practice Job Talk)
“The Grounds of Abolition: Black Freedom and Land Politics in the Post-Emancipation United States”

November 1st (Zoom)

Dawn Herrera, University of Chicago
“Counter-Conduct and Experiments of Living: Foucault and Mill on Acting Otherwise”

November 8th (In-Person)*

Victoria Wohl, University of Toronto

November 15th (Zoom)

Agatha Slupek, University of Chicago (Practice Job Talk)
“The Problem of Vengeance in Feminist & Democratic Theory”

November 29th (In-Person)*

Karuna Mantena, Columbia University

*In-person events are subject to change considering potential changes to the University of Chicago’s COVID-19 policies.