Political Theory Workshop

Fall 2018

Workshops are held on Mondays, 12:00-1:20pm, in Pick 506, unless otherwise noted*

October 8th

Tejas Parasher, University of Chicago PhD Candidate

“Minority Representation and Economic Liberalism in Indian Political Thought”

October 15th

Yuna Blajer de la Garza, University of Chicago PhD Candidate

“A House is not a Home: Citizenship, Belonging, and Contemporary Democracy”

October 22nd

Lucas G. Pinheiro, University of Chicago PhD Candidate

“Factories of Modernity: Political Theory in the History of Capitalism

October 29th

Sarita Zaffini, University of Chicago PhD Candidate

“What is Real unity? The Christology behind Hobbes’s Concept of Representation”

November 5th

Arash Abizadeh, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University

“Representation, Bicameralism, Political Equality, and Sortition”

November 12th

Natasha Piano, University of Chicago PhD Candidate

“Post-War American Political Science: Hopeful Ambivalence, Abject Panic, and Merry Minimalism”

November 19th

Jeffrey Lenowitz, Assistant Professor of Politics, Brandeis University

“Can Ratification Legitimize a Constitution?”

November 26th

Ryan Davis, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

“Political Gaslighting”

December 3rd

Katrina Forrester, Assistant Professor of Government and Social Studies, Harvard University

“John Rawls and the Politics of Philosophy”