The Political Theory Workshop
Winter 2021
Mondays, 12-1:20pm CST, Zoom

January 18th
Barbara Buckinx, Princeton University
“Foreign Policy and Domination: Options for the Cosmopolitan State”

January 25th
Giulia Oskian, Yale University
“Local Governments Reconsidered: Tocqueville on Indian Villages, Swiss Cantons, and American Towns”

February 1st
Laura Valentini, King’s College London
“Moral Rights and Social Practices”

February 8th
Nicole Whalen, University of Chicago
“Adam Smith on a Free Society of Equals”

February 15th
Sarita Zaffini, University of Chicago
“The Two Bodies of Hobbes and Rousseau”

February 22nd
Desmond Jagmohan, University of California Berkeley
“The Ethics of Concealment”

March 1st
Amanda Greene, University College London
“The Logic of Legitimacy”

March 8th
Jason Frank, Cornell University
“Democratic Aesthetics”