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The Donald J. Bogue Demography Workshop is held on Thursdays from 12:30 – 1:50 p.m. in NORC Seminar Room 232/233, located on the 2nd Floor of the Harris School of Public Policy at 1155 East 60th Street. Students, faculty, and all interested researchers are encouraged to attend. To make arrangements for persons needing assistance, please call Adelle Hinojosa at (773)256-6315.


Since the 1984-85 academic year, the weekly Demography Workshop has played a unique and central role in integrating advanced graduate students into the intellectual life of the demography program of the Committee on Demographic Training (CDT), training graduate students in demographic studies, preparing them for the public presentations of their work which they will face at professional meetings and colloquia, and exposing them to the interdisciplinary intellectual exchange that is central to the practice of contemporary American demography. No other teaching activity at the University of Chicago provides students with intense, regular exposure to interdisciplinary debate about contemporary demographic research.


This workshop series has been named in honor of Donald Bogue. One cannot capture the influence of his career in these pages, but as someone who did groundbreaking work in both demography and urban sociology, and founded the journal Demography in 1964, we thought it fitting to remind each presenter and audience member of his impact on the field. We also note that Professor Bogue was a regular participant in the workshop until his 95th birthday; his collegiality and commitment to our program was evident.


Below is the Demography Workshop for Spring Quarter 2019.




April 4

(Week 1)

Juanna Joensen

Senior Research Associate, Economics

University of Chicago


April 11

(Week 2)

Leonardo Bursztyn

Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Chicago

Misperceived Social Norms: Female Labor Force Participation in Saudi Arabia

April 18

 (Week 3)

Kelly Bedard

Professor & Chair of Economics

University of California—Santa Barbara

Unequal Use of Social Insurance Benefits: The Role of Employers

April 25

 (Week 4)

Andrew Garin

Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign


May 2

 (Week 5)

Dan Aaronson

VP & Director of Microeconomic Research

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


The Effects of the 1930s HOLC Redlining Maps


May 9

(Week 6)

Carolyn Sloane

Visiting Assistant Professor

Harris School of Public Policy

What Happened in California? Cross-state Heterogeneity in College Completion

May 16

(Week 7)

Maya Rossin-Slater

Assistant Professor—Dpt of Health Research & Policy, Stanford U. School of Medicine

When Dad Stays Home: Paternity Leave, Maternal and Infant Health

(requests dinner + lunch)

May 23

(Week 8)

Patricia Cortez

Associate Prof: Markets, Public Policy & Law—Boston U. Questrom School of Business

Gender Differences in Job Search and the Earnings Gap: Evidence from Business Majors

May 30

(Week 9)

Julia R. Henly


UChicago School of Social Service Admin.

Managing Work, Care, and Child Care Benefits in the Context of Precarious Employment

June 6

(Week 10)

Kelsey Bogue

Associate Director of Training Programs & CHeSS, UChicago


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