Winter Schedule

Our schedule for the winter is below. This quarter our meetings will run from 10.30am – 12.20pm on Fridays in Social Sciences 401 (with the exception of Wednesday February 5th).

Winter 2014

1/24 – Sarah Conly (Bowdoin College & Chicago) – “One Child:  Do We Have a Right to More?”

2/5 – Ariel Zylberman (McGill) – “The Juridical Epigenesis of Reason: Life, Second-personal Dignity, and Human Rights”   * Joint Session with the Human Rights Workshop*

2/7 – Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) – “Moral Recovery After War: The Role of Hope”

2/14 – Nethanel Lipshitz (Chicago, graduate student) – “Formal Equality and Fundamental Equality”

3/7 – Dhananjay Jagannathan (Chicago, graduate student) – “Having the End in View: Why We Need Universal Principles in Deliberation and Practical Reasoning”

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