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Cutting-Edge Data Science for the Real World

Drive data science innovation with a Master of Analytics from the University of Chicago. Apply by March 15 to start in Autumn 2021.

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Today’s data science professionals require a unique combination of technical training, critical thinking, and efficient decision-making skills. Increasingly, those in the field must be prepared to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.

In the Master of Science in Analytics at the University of Chicago, our multidisciplinary and highly applied program will strengthen your technical abilities and prepare you to be an agile professional in the field of data science. 

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Designed For:

The Master of Science in Analytics attracts motivated data science professionals from across the world. You will join a cohort of dedicated students seeking to drive innovation across technology, marketing, finance, and consulting. Our students include:

  • Professionals from technical fields who wish to advance their skills and transition into data science
  • Business and economics professionals who want to make data-driven decisions
  • Professionals with technical training who want to go into data consulting or data engineering
  • Recent graduates who wish to become analytics professionals

Our full-time students come from diverse backgrounds with a range* of 6 months to 4 years of average work experience

*Interquartile range




STEM Major


Economics Major




Other Major

Rigorous Curriculum

Blend theory and practice through a highly technical curriculum with hands-on applications that drive real-world business solutions.

Client Experience

Develop your portfolio with our culminating capstone experience by completing a data science project for a corporate partner.

Expert Instructors

Learn from and network with instructors who are experts in their industries.

Program Highlights

Develop highly sought-after skills in just twelve-to-fifteen months

Explore industry trends such as data consulting, data engineering, and data science in a rigorous curriculum

Master state-of-the-art statistical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques

Engage with real data sets and build relationships with corporate partners in your capstone project

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Aerial view of NBC Tower in downtown Chicago

Discover the Chicago Difference

The University of Chicago has been an intellectual destination for a diverse community for over 125 years. Our faculty and instructors are among the brightest minds in their respective areas of interest, and our culture of rigorous inquiry, analysis, and discourse prepares students for success through the duration of their professional lives.

Turn rigorous theory into real-world business solutions.