General Guidelines for Hosting

When submitting a proposal, please include the following information:

# spots, the date/time of the event, the cost per spot, whether a bus is needed, and the total cost of the event.

The event host determines when to host the sale, but note that the reimbursement will only be processed after the sale proceeds are deposited. Sales should happen at least 5 days before the event takes place.

Increasing the number of spots or decreasing the cost of the event are both ways to increase the chances of board approval.

The goal of the social committee is to extend access to Chicago social life for as many PSD students as possible. In general, event proposals should involve at least 15 spots and should cost no more than $100 per head. For large-scale events costing over $5,000, hosts should contact Sarah Lippert and the committee for options to invoice the University directly. Exceptions may be granted on a bespoke basis by the committee, but are not guaranteed.

Incorporate student/group discounts in the event costs whenever possible. UChicago students gain free/discounted admission to many cultural institutions through the ArtsPass. The University also receives discounts from specific transportation vendors.  

All events hosted through the PSD-SC are tax-exempt. You can send this letter to the event vendor to request they waive the sales tax on your purchase. 

Please see our How-To Guide (currently being updated for 2023) for a detailed, step-by-step procedure on the full process of hosting an event.