Happy Hour

The PSD Social Committee runs a Happy Hour each Friday during the fall, winter, and spring quarters with the help of student volunteers. Subject to weekly availability, it generally takes place in the GCIS 3rd floor atrium at 5:30pm. An email with details is sent weekly.

For those who don’t work in GCIS, the W Lobby will be open for the start of the event. Happy Hour is always in need of more volunteers! Volunteers get free pizza and drinks. Contact the organizer below to get involved.

Contact: Rhys Povey

Pizza: $1.00 /slice Samosa: $0.50/piece Fried Chicken Breast: $1.00 /piece Fried Chicken Wing or Leg: $0.50 /piece Non-Alcoholic Drink: $0.50 /drink Beer or Cider: $1.00 /drink


Over the summer the PSD, BSD, IME, and medical school run a joint co-ed softball league, co-sponsored by Graduate Council. Games are on Friday evenings in Washington Park with the season starting half way through spring quarter and concluding just before fall quarter. Anyone looking to join a team should contact the softball commissioner or team captains. 

See their website for more details! Commissioner: Andrew McNeece  

Intramural Sports League Sheet

The PSD-SC maintains a spreadsheet for PSD graduate students as a place where students can connect with each other to form Intramural (IM) sports league teams. The PSD-SC does not form, organize, or sponsor IM teams or activities; individuals must contact one another directly to organize a team.

Access the spreadsheet here.

Please log in to your UChicago email account to access the sheet.