Colm O’Muircheartaigh, Professor at the Harris School of Public Policy and Senior Fellow at NORC won the much deserved Monroe G. Sirken Award in Interdisciplinary Survery Methods Research from the American Statistical Association.

Professor O’Muicheartaigh, has been granted this prestigious award for his “significant contributions to the theory and practice of survey sampling, especially for complex designs and surveys in developing countries; for innovative research on nonresponse, response error, response variance, and data quality generally, including the use of latent variable models to describe nonresponse, the study of cognitive aspects of responses to survey questions, and analysis of the impact of interviewers; and for important contributions to the education of sampling statisticians and survey researchers around the world.”
The award ceremony will be held at the Joint Statistical Meetings on Wednesday, August 1st at the 10:30amm at the Convention Center-West, Room 301 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.