Elective Quantitative Methods Courses for the MAPSS QMSA Concentration


(Note: This list needs to be updated quarterly.)

BUSN 36906     Stochastic Processes
BUSN 37103     Data Driven Marketing
BUSN 37105     Data Science for Marketing Decision Making
BUSN 37107     Experimental Market
BUSN 37906     Applied Bayesian Econometrics
BUSN 40206     Healthcare Business Analytics
BUSN 41100     Applied Regression Analysis
BUSN 41201     Big Data
BUSN 41203     Financial Econometrics
BUSN 41204     Machine Learning
BUSN 41301     Statistical Insight into Marketing, Consulting, and Entrepreneurship
BUSN 41600/ECPN 51400    Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium
BUSN 41903/STAT 32400    Applied Econometrics
BUSN 41910/STAT 33500    Time Series Analysis for Forecasting and Model Building
BUSN 41916     Bayes, AI and Deep Learning

CCTS 40500/CCTS 20500/BIOS 29208        Machine Learning & Advanced Data Analytics in Science

CHDV 30102/MACS 50100/PBHS 43201/SOCI 30315/STAT 31900         Introduction to Causal Inference

ECMA 31000     Introduction to Empirical Analysis
ECMA 31100     Introduction to Empirical Analysis II
ECMA 31130     Topics in Microeconometrics
ECMA 31320     Applications of Econometric and Data Science Methods
ECMA 31340     Big Data Tools in Economics
ECMA 31350     Machine Learning for Economists

ECON 31000     Empirical Analysis I
ECON 31100     Empirical Analysis II
ECON 31200     Empirical Analysis III
ECON 31703     Topics in Econometrics
ECON 31720     Applied Microeconometrics
ECON 31740/PPHA 48403    Optimization-Conscious Econometrics
ECON 31750     Topics on the Analysis of Randomized Experiments
ECON 31760     Topics in Modern Econometrics
ECON 33550     Spatial Economics
ECON 35003     Human Capital, Markets, and the Family  
ECON 35550/PPHA 35561/ECMA 35550    The Practicalities of Running Randomized Control Trials

MACS 33002     Introduction to Machine Learning

MAPS 30289     Intermediate Regression and Data Science
MAPS 31755     Longitudinal Research

PBHS 30910/ STAT 22810/ENST 27400/ HLTH 20910/PPHA 36410  Epidemiology and Population Health
PBHS 31001/STAT 35700     Epidemiologic Methods
PBHS 32410/STAT 22401     Regression Analysis for Health and Social Research
PBHS 32901/STAT 35201     Introduction to Clinical Trials

PBHS 33300/STAT 36900     Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
PBHS 33500/STAT 35800/CHDV 32702  Statistical Applications
PBHS 34500      Machine Learning
PBHS 43010/STAT 35920     Applied Bayesian Modeling and Inference

PLSC 30600       Causal Inference
PLSC 40502       Data Analysis with Statistical Models
PLSC 43100       Maximum Likelihood
PLSC 57200/SOCI 50096      Network Analysis

PPHA 31102      Statistical Data Analysis II
PPHA 31202      Advanced Statistics for Data Analysis I
PPHA 31302      Advanced Statistics for Data Analysis II
PPHA 34600      Program Evaluation
PPHA 41300      Cost Benefit Analysis
PPHA 41800/PSYC 47500     Survey Questionnaire Design
PPHA 42000      Applied Econometrics I
PPHA 42100      Applied Econometrics II
PPHA 42200      Applied Econometrics III
PPHA 44900      Social Experiments Design and Generalization

SOCI 30005       Statistical Methods of Research 2
SOCI 30112       Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models                   
SOCI 30253/MACS 54000     Introduction to Spatial Data Science
SOCI 40217/GEOG 40217/MACS 55000     Spatial Regression Analysis
SOCI 40242       Parametric and Semi-parametric Methods of Categorical Data Analysis
SOCI 50132       Seminar: Causal Inference in Studies of Educational Interventions

SOSC 36008/CHDV 36008/EDSO 36008/PSYC 28926       Principles and Methods of Measurement

STAT 22400/PBHS 32400     Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 22600/PBHS 32600     Analysis of Categorical Data
STAT 22700/PBHS 32700     Biostatistical Methods
STAT 24300/30750    Numerical Linear Algebra
STAT 25300/31700    Introduction to Probability Models
STAT 26100/33600    Time Dependent Data
STAT 26300/35490    Introduction to Statistical Genetics
STAT 27400/37400    Nonparametric Inference
STAT 27420      Introduction to Causality with Machine Learning
STAT 27850/30850    Multiple Testing, Modern Inference, and Replicability
STAT 30100      Mathematical Statistics-1
STAT 30400      Distribution Theory
STAT 31150/CAAM 31150   Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation
STAT 31200      Introduction to Stochastic Processes I
STAT 33100      Sample Surveys
STAT 33910/FINM 33170     Financial Statistics: Time Series, Forecasting, Mean Reversion, and High Frequency Data
STAT 34300      Applied Linear Statistical Methods
STAT 34700      Generalized Linear Models
STAT 35450/HGEN 48600    Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Models and Inference
STAT 37710      Machine Learning