QMSA Admissions Criteria

Applicants who declare an interest in QMSA admission must have a minimum quantitative GRE score at the 75th percentile (the GRE requirement is exempted for third-year college students at the University of Chicago applying for the BA-MA sequence). They must furnish a statement of purpose indicating a strong interest in seeking rigorous quantitative training, identifying a domain of substantive interest in the social or behavioral sciences, outlining their intended research, and naming two QMSA faculty members they most hope to work with. Applicants must provide a list of up to five courses in the social sciences and up to five courses in mathematics, statistics, or quantitative methods that they have taken in prior training. In general, students are expected to have previously taken calculus and linear algebra.

Students admitted to other MAPSS concentrations may petition to change their track to QMSA after accepting their offer. Those students must have a minimum quantitative GRE score in the 75th percentile OR qualified transcripts that show successful performance in calculus, linear algebra, and post-introductory statistics courses. Information on the petition process will be sent to all students in the summer.