The following courses have been approved by the Committee on Quantitative Methods in Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences as appropriate for the minor in Quantitative Social Analysis and are listed by the three levels stipulated above (Basic Skills, Advanced Skills, and Quantitative Applications).

Basic Skills (One course; may not be satisfied with AP credit. Students who have already taken the SOSC Social Science Inquiry sequence or any of the Basic Skills courses previously completed as part of their majors may substitute additional Advanced Skills class in place of the Basic Skills course.)

BIOS 20172 Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med Students
CHDV 20101 Applied Statistics in Human Development Research
ECON 21010 Statistical Methods in Economics
 GISC 28702 Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis
MACS 30500 Computing for the Social Sciences
PBHS 32100 Introduction to Biostatistics
PBPL 26400 Quantitative Methods in Public Policy
PLSC 30500 Introduction to Quantitative Social Sciences
PLSC 26969 Quantitative Methods for Political Science
PSYC 20100 Psychological Statistics
PSYC 20200 Psychological Research Methods
PSYC 20250 Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods
SOCI 20004 Statistical Methods of Research
SOCI 20157 Mathematical Models
SOCI 30004 Statistical Methods of Research
SOSC 20111 Inferential Statistics
SOSC 26006 Foundations for Statistical Theory
SOSC 26009 Introductory Statistical Methods
STAT 22000 Statistical Methods and Applications
STAT 23400 Statistical Models and Methods


Advanced Skills (Two courses)

CHDV 30102 Introduction to Causal Inference
CHDV 32411 Mediation, Moderation, and Spillover Effects
ECMA 31000 Introduction to Empirical Analysis
ECMA 31130 Topics in Microeconometrics
ECMA 31340 Big Data Tools in Economics
ECMA 31360 Causal Inference
ECON 21020 Econometrics
ECON 21030 Econometrics – Honors
ECON 21300 Data Construction and Interpretation in Economic Applications
ECON 21410 Computational Methods in Economics
ECON 21800 Experimental Economics
MACS 31300 AI Applications in the Social Sciences
PBHS 30910 Epidemiology and Population Health
PBHS 32400 Applied Regression Analysis
PBHS 32600 Analysis of Categorical Data
PBHS 32700 Biostatistical Methods
PBHS 32901 Introduction to Clinical Trials
PBHS 33300 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
PBHS 34500 Machine Learning
PBHS 33500 Statistical Applications
PBPL 28430 International Trade, Banking and Capital Markets
PBPL 28550 Social Experiments: Design and Generalization
PBPL 28820 Machine Learning and Policy
PLSC 30700 Introduction to Linear Models
PPHA 30545 Machine Learning
SOCI 20112 Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models
SOCI 20253 Introduction to Spatial Data Science
SOCI 30005 Statistical Methods of Research-II
SOSC 26007 Overview of Quantitative Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
SOSC 26008 Principles and Methods of Measurement
STAT 22600 Analysis of Categorical Data
STAT 24400 Statistical Theory and Methods I
STAT 24500 Statistical Theory and Methods II
STAT 27855 Hypothesis Testing with Empirical Bayes Methodology
STAT 35920 Applied Bayesian Modeling and Inference


Quantitative Applications (Two courses)

ECMA 36700 Economics of Education
ECON 23410 Economic Growth
ECON 24000 Labor Economics
ECON 24450 Inequality and the Social Safety Net: Theory, Empirics, and Policies
ECON 24720 Inequality: Origins, Dimensions, and Policy
ECON 25000 Introduction To Finance
ECON 25100 Financial Economics; Speculative Markets

ECON 25520

Development Economics and Data Analysis

ECON 26010 Public Finance
ECON 26730 Global Energy & Climate Challenge: Economics, Science & Policy
ECON 26800 Energy and Energy Policy
ECON 27000 International Economics
ECON 27700 Health Economics and Public Policy
ECON 28000 Industrial Organization
ECON 28060 The Economics of Organizations: An Experimental Perspective
ECON 28100 The Economics of Sports
ECON 28700 The Economics of Crime
ECON 31750 Topics on the Analysis of Randomized Experiments
ECON 35550 The Practicalities of Running Randomized Control Trials
ENST 26530 Environment, Agriculture, and Food: Economic and Policy Analysis
PBHS 35100 Health Services Research Methods
PBPL 25910 The Health of American Democracy
PBPL 28350 Education and Development: Policy and Research
PBPL 28375 Political Economy of Development
PBPL 28425 Strategic Behavior and Regulation of Firms
PBPL 28538 Political Economy of Natural Resources
PBPL 28765 The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes
PBPL 28829 Artificial Intelligence for Public Policy
PLSC 22400 Public Opinion
PLSC 23501 International Political Economy
PLSC 28110/48110 Lab and Field Experiments in Comparative Politics and Policy
PLSC 31510 Introduction to Text as Data for Social Science
PPHA 38520 GIS Applications for Public Policy
PPHA 35577 Big Data and Development
PSYC 26010 Big Data in the Psychological Sciences
SOCI 20103 Social Stratification
SOCI 20122 Introduction to Population
SOCI 20192 The Effects of Schooling
SOCI 20263 Human Migration
SOCI 20264 Wealth
SOCI 20275 Sociology of Health and Aging