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Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae is available to download .


Robert Pippin works primarily on the modern German philosophical tradition, with a concentration on Kant and Hegel. In addition he has published on issues in theories of modernity, political philosophy, theories of self-consciousness, the nature of conceptual change, and the problem of freedom. He has a number of interdisciplinary interests, especially those that involve the relation between philosophy and literature and has published a book on Henry James and articles on Proust, modern art, and contemporary film. His most recent books are After the Beautiful: Hegel and the Philosophy of Pictorial Modernism ( 2013), Interanimations: Receiving Modern German Philosophy (2015), and most recently, The Philosophical Hitchcock: Vertigo and the Anxieties of Unknowingness (2017). His book on Hegel’s theoretical philosophy, The Realm of Shadows: Logic as Metaphysics in Hegel’s Science of Logic,  appeared in the fall of 2018. A new book on film, Filmed Thought: Cinema as Reflective Form, will appear in the fall of 2019.

For a list of works available for downloading from this site, see the publications section.