A Gunshot Victim, an Artist, and a Psychologist Walk Into a Glassblowing Studio

Year One Update: Reducing the Trauma Desert on the South Side

Trauma Informed Healthcare

Treating trauma in children after the physical wounds have healed: ‘I want to start fresh’

University of Chicago Receives $9.1M to Provide Holistic Trauma Care

University Of Chicago Medicine To Receive Millions To Support Child Trauma Victims

University Of Chicago Medicine To Receive Millions To Support Child Trauma Victims

U of C. Medicine gets $9.1 million for trauma-centered care of children and families

$9.1 million gift supports resilience collaborative for children and families on South Side who suffer trauma

Chicago Public Safety Forum

Treating The Psychological Trauma Of Gun Violence In Chicago

What It’s Like to Survive Being Shot 16 Times

My Life After a Heart Attack at 38

75 shot: Kendra Rodriguez lost her fiance to a violent weekend: ‘It is something you think about
all the time. Have they caught him?’

Eradicating the roots of childhood trauma

Fewer people are dying from gunshots in Chicago: Stroger hospital is a big reason why

Healing the Hurt

Bright promises for at-risk youth

Who is there for our children when gun violence shakes their world?

How victims of gun violence find healing in the flames of glass art

Healing Hurt People-Chicago seeks to save lives by offering support beyond the hospital

BROWN: Gunshot victims offered chance to break cycle of violence

Senator Dick Durbin speech at the City Club of Chicago–August 23, 2017 (23.40 mark)

Chicago’s gun violence crisis is also a mental health crisis

Inspiring America segment, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt—June 24, 2017

Chicago Teachers Offer Plan to Better Handle Student Trauma

All In with Chris Hayes. Chicago: A City in Trauma

News conference with Sen. Durbin

Comer Children’s wins $2M federal grant to help kids affected by violence

Comer Children’s Hospital Gets $2M To Treat Kids For Post Traumatic Stress

Chicago Hospital Gets $2M to Treat Kids, Families Affected by Violence

Violence haunts Chicago’s children, whether they’re shot or not

Can Jerryon Stevens Be Saved?

Treating the Psychological Trauma Of Gun Violence

Killing innocence: Why Chicago’s gun problem hurts all of us

Treating Chicago’s young people traumatized by violence

Q&A: Many kids in Chicago’s most violent areas live in ‘survival mode’

Chicago Children of Gun Violence

Newsviews: How to talk to your children about violence

Tyshawn Lee’s killing leaves children feeling all the more vulnerable

UCMC sponsors community programs to prevent violence

Hope in a Hot Shop

Creative ways to get healed

Project Fire Ignites Passion for Glass Making

Project Fire offers peace forged in the flame

Social workers join the ER team

Standing in the gap: Parents in violent communities stress about keeping kids safe


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