Please join us Wednesday, April 25, at a joint Transnational Approaches to Modern Europe (TAMEW) and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (REECA) workshop session on:



The Ukrainophile Household: Private Life and Politics in Late Imperial Kiev




This paper is a section from the first chapter draft of the author’s dissertation. The author is trying to write a micro-history of Russian and Ukrainian nationalism in Kiev (1860s to the Civil War) through the lens of a family history. The author focuses on the Shul’gins/Shul’hyns – a dynasty of journalists, historians, and politicians whose members were involved in the creation of both the city’s Russian and Ukrainian nationalist movements. The paper deals with the family’s Ukrainophile branch and their milieu in the years around 1900.


Author: Fabian Baumann, PhD Student in History (Universität Basel)

Discussant: Bożena Shallcross, Professor in Slavic Languages and Literature (UChicago)


April 25, 2018

5:00pm-6:30pm in Social Sciences 224, John Hope Franklin Room

University of Chicago



The paper is available on the TAMEW and REECA websites under the ‘Papers’ tab. Password: HopeFranklin



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