Religion, Theory, and Interpretation

A UChicago CAS Study Group

Month: October 2015

Drew Durdin Presentation

Thanks to everyone for a great conversation yesterday, and special thanks to Lael for presenting!
Drew Durdin, PhD candidate in History of Religions, will present the second chapter of his dissertation in our next session. The chapter is entitled ‘From Greece to Rome: On the Formation and Transmission of a Concept of “Magic.”‘ In the chapter, Drew analyzes the early uses of the Latin magia by the Roman elite, especially Cicero, with special attention to the category’s ethnic and political components. Email Andrew for a copy of the paper:
The chapter looks fascinating, so please join us: Tuesday, November 3 at 5:00pm in Swift 208.
And after the workshop, we will join the History of Religions club for a reception (location tbd) to welcome Drew back to campus.

Lael Weinberger Presentation

Please join us next week for a presentation from Lael Weinberger, PhD Student with the Law School and History Department. Lael will present a new chapter from his dissertation entitled ‘Natural Law and American Legal Thought in the Years before Nuremberg.’ Please contact Andrew work a copy of the paper:
We will meet in Swift 208 at 5pm on Tuesday, Oct. 27.
See you there!

Bruce Lincoln Presentation

          Thanks to all for a fascinating conversation with Professor Warmind! It was a great way to start the academic year.
          Continuing our conversation next week, Professor Bruce Lincoln will present his paper ‘The Perils of Comparison: Ancient and Modern Interpretations of the Scythian *A-naryas.‘ Contact me at and I will be happy to send you a copy. Please read the paper beforehand. Professor Lincoln will provide a brief introduction to the argument at the start of our session, but most of our time will be spent in Q&A.
          We will meet same time, same place: 5:00pm Tuesday, Oct. 13 in Swift Hall room 208. Light refreshments provided.
See you there,