We’re happy to announce the Religion & Human Science presentation schedule for the 2016 Winter quarter:

3rd Week (Jan 19) – Xiao-bo Yuan, Anthropology PhD candidate: ‘Public Undergrounds and Underground Publics’  on Christianity in China

4th Week (Jan 26) – Pete Faggen, Div School PhD student in History of Religions: ‘Authority Interrupted: Narrating Kalsang Drolma’s Altered Authority in Female Gungru Reincarnate Lineage in Post-1958 Tibetan Grasslands Community

6th Week (Feb 9) – Francis Mckay, Anthropology PhD candidate: on Eudaimonia and Teleology in contemporary American Buddhist communities

8th Week (Feb 23) – Nell Hawley, South Asian Language & Civ PhD student: on Sanskrit literary theory and/in the Mahabharata

10th Week (Mar 8) – Yulia Tsutserova, Div School PhD candidate in Religion & Literature: ‘Landscape as a Horizon of Religious Reflection in Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse’

 Please join us whenever you can!