We’re happy to announce that the Religion & Human Sciences workshop will be back in action this Fall quarter 2016. Hope you all will join us, and take note of a couple changes:

R&HS will be held only during the Fall quarter: (Winter? nope. Spring? nu-uh). Our idea is to foster a more focused conversation over a shorter period of time. Our schedule isn’t fixed yet, but the plan is to meet more frequently. Over the quarter, we’ll have about 7 sessions (maybe more!). We’ll also bring in a few outside speakers (more on that later).

Our theme for the quarter is ‘Public Religion’: We want to talk about religion in the public sphere, or religion that disrupts common public/private divides. We’ll also pay special attention to the role of mass media (new and old) in shaping the Public.

Call for Papers: If you’d like to present anything in the Fall quarter – dissertation chapters, conference presentations, article drafts, etc – please send me a title, abstract, and preferred date. As long as there’s something ‘Public’ and some ‘Religion,’ we’ll be happy to have you present.


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