Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to share the Winter schedule for the Religion and the Human Sciences Workshop with you. Our workshop is held on Monday evenings in the Martin Marty Center Library from 4:30-5:45 pm. Papers are typically circulated one week in advance and are available at our website,here. Please let me know if you need the password.


We are also looking for graduate students to serve as respondents for some of our upcoming workshops. This is a great opportunity for practicing skills in assessing academic writing and facilitating group discussion. We are happy to provide some helpful tips and guidelines for respondents if needed.


Finally, we are now accepting papers for the Spring quarter and still have spaces available if you are interested in sharing your work with us. Seminar papers, conference papers, dissertation chapters, proposals, or works in progress are all welcome.


RHS Workshop Schedule, Winter 2020:


January 6

Graduate Student Paper: Adam Miller


January 27

Graduate Student Paper: Claire Hautot


February 10

Graduate Student Paper: Kellan Klaus


March 2

Visiting Professor: Dr. Levi McLaughlin

This workshop is coordinated in conjunction with the Center for East Asian Studies and the East Asian Politics, Economy, and Society Workshop.


March 16

Graduate Student Paper: Sarah Levenstam


All the best,

Claire Hautot