The Religion, Theory, and Interpretation study group is a forum to build intellectual community through exchange over questions foundational to the study of religion across the University of Chicago. Previously the Religion & Human Sciences Workshop, this study group will stimulate discussion about theory and methodology through a variety of meeting formats.  

Thematically, the study group will highlight student and professor presentations that engage with questions pertinent to research practices, research ethics, and theoretical challenges.  Potential topics include, but are not limited to, decolonization and religion, key figures whose work grappled with religion as a concept, the history of the study of religion at UChicago, the invention of “religion,” “world religions,” and “religious studies,” etc.   

Moreover, we welcome opportunities to stimulate discussion not only through papers but also through multimedia materials (e.g., recordings of debates, ethnographic film, archival documents, etc). We are looking forward to hosting a welcome meeting to get to know those interested in participating in the study group and what kinds of formats we can incorporate over the coming year.


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