This year the Religions in America Workshop will meet on Thursdays from 12:30 – 1:50 p.m. in Swift 200. Lunch is usually served.

The schedule below is subject to change, so please check our main page for details the week before each event, or email with questions.


Winter 2022

27 January

Derek Buyan, PhD candidate, University of Chicago

“The Meaning of Our Creed: Dignity, Democracy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Christian Personalism,” Pre-circulated paper.

17 February

Joel Brown, PhD candidate, University of Chicago

“Homes for the ‘Least of These’: The Christian Social Activism of African American Women’s Clubs in Turn-of-the-Century Chicago,” Pre-circulated paper.

21 February

Pub night in Ida Noyes!

3 March

Erin Simmonds, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago

“Religion, Sex, and the Law in American History,” Pre-circluated syllabus.

10 March

Dr. Daniel Vaca, Robert Gale Noyes Assistant Professor of Humanities, Brown University

“Gospels of Efficiency in Gilded Ages,” Pre-circulated paper.


Autumn 2017

5 October

 Pub Night! (University Pub, 6-7pm) No paper, just conversation

12 October

Karl Kuehner (MA Student, U. of Chicago)

“Modern Warriors: Jerry Falwell, The New Christian Right, and the Experience of Modernity” Pre-circulated paper

26 October (*12:30 – 1:30pm)

Russell Johnson (PhD Candidate, U. of Chicago), “The Struggle is Real: Understanding the American ‘Culture War’” Pre-circulated paper

10 November (2-4pm, Third Floor, Swift Hall)

David Hall (Harvard University), “Thinking across (Protestant) Reformations: Scotland, England, and New England, 1550-1640” (Co-sponsored with the Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture) Panel Respondents: W. Clark Gilpin, Margaret E. Burton Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the History of Christianity and Theology, and Eric Slauter, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature No pre-circulated paper

16 November

Erin Simmonds (PhD Student, U. of Chicago)

“Battling ‘The Other’: Atheism’s Dual Role in the Evolution Debates of the 1920s” Pre-circulated paper

30 November

Kit Shields (PhD Candidate, U. of Chicago), “‘Written on Their Hearts’: Body, Imagination, and Slave Literacy” Pre-circulated paper