Schedule 2004-2005


October 6—Interaction between the Arts: A Discussion of This Year’s Theme, position papers by Rebecca
Zorach (Art History), Jason Yost (English graduate student), and Stephanie Murray (English graduate student)

October 11—Prof. Deborah Parker (Dept. of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, University of Virginia), on the
relationship between Michaelangelo’s art and poetry.

October 20—Carla Zecher (Director, Center for Renaissance Studies, Newberry Library), “Sounding Objects:
Musical Instruments, Poetry, and Art in Renaissance France.”

November 17—Prof. Daniel Heller-Roazen (Comparative Literature, Princeton University), “Common Sense:
Greek, Arabic, Latin”


January 26—Irene Backus (Art History graduate student) “The Text of ‘Laura Battiferra’”

February 17—Prof. Wendy Olmsted (Cmte. Ancient Mediterranean World) and Prof. Richard Strier (English),
“Reading Bacon’s Essays”

March 9— Prof. Maria Fusaro (History), “Merchants of Venice, Between Drama and History,”


April 20—Marisa O’Connor (English graduate student), “James VI and I’s Claim to a Union of the Kingdoms:
Reimagining Political Authority in England,”

May 4—Prof. Elizabeth Wright (Dept. of Romance Languages, University of Georgia), “Between Instrument and
Mirror of Evangelization: Three Spanish Dramas for a Mexican Mission”

May 18—Prof. Lowell Gallagher (Department of English, UCLA),”Remnants of Lot’s Wife: The Structure of
Testimony in the Gemaltes Leben (Painted Life) of May Ward”

June 1—Christina Normore (Art History graduate student),”You are what you eat? Consumption, animation
and the ‘entremet'”