About RAVE

The Research in Art and Visual Evidence (RAVE) Workshop provides a forum for University of Chicago graduate students––and the occasional faculty or outside speaker––to present their works-in-progress whose research centers on art or any type of visual and material culture. The workshop is not bounded by either temporal or geographic parameters, and thus offers a space for discussions ranging from ancient archaeological materials to Renaissance sculpture to Shakespeare to commercial advertisements to contemporary art. As such, RAVE engenders unique methodological discussions that vary not only across disciplines but also within disciplines. Moreover, while the workshop is hosted by the Department of Art History, RAVE serves as an important venue for multi-disciplinary scholarship that grapples increasingly with visual material in our increasingly visual world. RAVE is thus uniquely positioned to provide visually-minded scholars from across the university with the opportunity to receive feedback from art historians, while also ensuring that art historians think broadly and experimentally about their projects.

RAVE is facilitated by the University of Chicago Council on Advanced Studies. The current student coordinators are Maggie Borowitz and Angie Epifano. The current faculty sponsors are Seth Estrin and Katherine Fischer Taylor.


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