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The Research in Art and Visual Evidence (RAVE) workshop features scholarship on art, architecture, media, and art criticism across divisions of geography and historical periodization. The goal of RAVE is to create a public workshop open to all graduate students who utilize visual evidence in their arguments. In mobilizing art historical methodologies and interpretive approaches, we seek not to foreclose other frameworks for considering visual evidence and visual culture, but simply to use the tools of art history as the generating motor to open up broader dialogues about what and how art-objects mean.

RAVE is therefore a forum for those committed to the epistemological relevance of the visual. Participants interrogate methodologies in art history and visual studies, engendering communication between approaches to the history of art and visual material that have become disparate, specialized, and spread out over a wide net of disciplines and subfields. Presenters are typically graduate students who need feedback and support on their qualifying papers, dissertation proposals, dissertation chapters, and other work they are looking to publish or present.

RAVE is facilitated by the University of Chicago Council on Advanced Studies. The current student coordinators are Nora Lambert and Maggie Borowitz. The current faculty sponsors are Seth Estrin and Martha Ward.


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