FAQ for Presenters

I would like to present a paper.  What is the process?

We typically send a call for papers/presentations in August for the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in proposing a workshop session, please fill out the Google Form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What kind of work is acceptable for the workshop?

RAVE is designed to workshop works-in-progress. Examples of the types of papers we workshop include: conference papers, articles, Art History Qualifying Papers, dissertation chapters, and dissertation proposals.

What kinds of works are not acceptable?

RAVE strives to maintain rigorous academic discourse. As such, informal presentations of ideas or papers in their very early stages are not appropriate for a RAVE presentation. Also, term papers, in general, are not acceptable; however, if you are turning the paper into a bigger project (Qualifying Paper, dissertation chapter, article, conference paper, etc.) please do submit it.

How do I choose a respondent?

In general, we will help you find a respondent that is appropriate for your paper.  We welcome your ideas, though, and will do our best to accommodate you.

How far in advance should I be in touch with my respondent?

We recommend that you contact your respondent and settle on a presentation format 7-10 days before your presentation date.  Please make sure that if you are giving a presentation, your respondent has a hard copy of your presentation in advance of the date.

I would like to pre-circulate a paper.  Are there guidelines?

Yes!  Pre-circulated papers should not exceed 25 pages and must be sent to Trevor and Cole at least 8 days before your presentation.

I would like to give a short introduction to my pre-circulated paper.  How long should it be?

Please keep introductions to an absolute maximum of 15 minutes.  This time should be used to present new images or focus questions, not to reiterate the arguments of the paper.  The respondent will provide a summary of the paper.

I am choosing to give a presentation in lieu of a pre-circulated paper. How long should it be?

In order to allow for adequate discussion, presentations should be no longer than 40 minutes.

 I’m a MAPH/ MAPS/ MFA student.  Can I attend and/ or present at RAVE?

RAVE welcomes the participation of all students and we hope you will join us at our workshop.  We have had Master’s students present at the workshop before.  Please be aware, though, that CAS workshops give preference to doctoral student papers.

Are Post-docs, faculty members, undergrads, etc. welcome to attend?

RAVE encourages the participation of the entire UChicago community.

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be anything for me to eat?

RAVE’s refreshments always include vegan and vegetarian options.  Please let us know if you have a gluten allergy or other dietary restriction and we are happy to accommodate that as well.

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