Research in Art & Visual Evidence

Past Presentations

Winter 2024

January 17 [Joint with TAMEW]| Alice Goff (Assistant Professor, History)
Panel on Goff’s The God Behind the Marble: The Fate of Art in the German Aesthetic State (University of Chicago Press, 2024)
Panelists: Leora Auslander (Arthur and Joann Rasmussen Professor, Race, Diaspora & Indigeneity and History), Eleonora Gilburd (Associate Professor, History), Colin Jones (Professor Emeritus, Queen Mary University of London; Visiting Professor, History)

January 24 | Sam Lee (PhD Candidate, Social Thought)
“Art and Artifice: Fried, Adorno, Cavell and the Case of Animated Statues”
Respondent: Cole Gruber (PhD Student, Art History)

February 8 [Joint with LAHW]| Adriana Obiols Roca (PhD Candidate, Art History)
“Roberto Cabrera’s Index of Violence: Art and Disappearance in 1970s-80s Guatemala”

February 28 | Hilary Thurlow (PhD Candidate, Monash University, Art History and Theory)
“Tania Bruguera’s Permanent Revolution”
Respondent: Matthew Jesse Jackson (Chair, DOVA; Professor, DOVA, Art History, and TAPS)

Autumn 2023

October 4 | Troy Sherman (Curator, University Galleries at Illinois State University)
“Form and ‘Anti-Form’”
Respondent: Matthew Jesse Jackson (Professor, Art History, DoVA, and TAPS)

October 25 [Joint with VMPEA] | Alan Longino (PhD Student, Art History)
“Return to Character: Morita Shiryu and Work of the 1960s”
Respondent: Cole Gruber (PhD Student, Art History)

November 1 | Helen Molesworth (Independent Curator)
“A Conversation with Writer and Curator Helen Molesworth”
Moderated by Christine Mehring (Mary L. Block Professor, Art History and DoVA)

December 4 | Sarah Carter (Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History)
“James Forbes and the Paradox of India”
Respondent: Josephine McDonagh (George M. Pullman Professor, English)

December 6 | Lucia Neirotti (PhD Student, Art History)
Title TBA
Respondent: Adriana Obiols Roca (PhD Student, Art History)



March 20 | Jaś Elsner (Visiting Professor of Art and Religion, Divinity School and Art History; Professor of Late Antique Art, Oxford University)
“Making, Replication and Quality in Late Antique Art”
Respondent: May Peterson (PhD Student, Art History)

April 5 | Sarah Carter (Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History)
Rivalry, Identity and the Making of Aphorisms on Man
Respondent: Colin Jones (Visiting Professor of History; Professor of History, Queen Mary University of London)

May 3 [Presented jointly with VMPEA] | Alice Casalini (PhD Student, Art History)
“The Malleable Space of Gandhāran Art”
Respondent: Andrew Ollett (Assistant Professor, South Asian Languages and Civilizations)

March 20 | Savannah Marquardt (PhD Student, Art History, Yale University)
“The Invention of Greek Sculpture?”
Respondent: Richard Neer (Barbara E. and Richard J. Franke Distinguished Service Professor, Art History and Cinema and Media Studies; Director of the Franke Institute for the Humanities)



January 18 | Tanzima Chowdhury (MPCS Student) and Kyrin Hobson (MFA Candidate)
“Praxis Mapping: Visual Evidence and the Afterlife of Collaboration”

February 1 | Aaron Skarzenski (MAPH Student, Art History)
“Situating Audiences in Kimura Ryoko’s Ikemen”
Respondent: Taylor Stewart (PhD Student, Art History)

February 22 | Jesse Alperin (PhD Candidate, Art History and the Committee on Social Thought)
Evocative Form: Emile Gallé’s Drawing as Intimate, Imaginative, and Poetic Environments”
Respondent: Stephanie Strother (PhD Student, Art History)

March 1 | Melissa Robohn (MA Student, Divinity School)
“Mysteries of the 1546 Venetian Edition of Andrea Alciato’s ‘Emblematum Libellus’ and Evidence from its Illustrations”
Respondent: Edward Johnson (PhD Student, Art History and History)


FALL 2022

October 19 | Trevor Brandt (PhD Student, Art History)
Folk Art Feminism: The Textile Diplomacy of Dr. Hanna Rydh”

November 2 | Claire Rich (MAPH Student, Art History)
Part Exhibition Catalogue, Part Artist’s Book: Categorizing the Artist’s Catalogue
Respondent: Cole Gruber (PhD Student, Art History)

November 16 | Elias Wagner (PhD Student, Art History, University of Basel)
Part Exhibition Catalogue, Part Artist’s Book: Categorizing the Artist’s Catalogue
Respondent: Spencer Wigmore (Curator, Amon Carter Museum of Art)

November 30 | Rowanne Dean (PhD Student, Art History)
“Valuing Virtuosity: Goldsmiths’ Work in Northwestern Europe, c. 1350–1500”
Respondent: Joseph Salvatore Ackley (Assistant Professor of Art History and Medieval Studies, Wesleyan University)



April 6 | QP Symposium I & Happy Hour Reception
4:30-5:00: Trevor Brandt, “Sign of Sin: The Vädersolstavlan Painting in Stockholm’s Memory”
5:00-6:00: Happy Hour (Woodlawn Tap)

April 13, 12-2pm (lunch provided, CWAC 153) | QP Symposium II
12:00-12:30: Cybele Tom, “Impressing the Eye: A New Motif of Veronica and her Veil in Early Painting from Cologne”
12:30-1:00: Salimeh Hosseini, “Tool of Craft or Homage to Profession? A Study of a Qajar Architectural Tablet”
1:00-1:30: Alan Longino, “Dusti Bongé, Reworking Material”
1:30-2:00: Cole Gruber, “Can Art(’s History) be Universalized? On Hegel and Prehistory”

April 27 | Megan Bickel (MA Student, Digital Studies)
“Science Fiction, Future Memory, and Effective Digital Solastalgia”

May 11 | Katerina Korola, PhD (Teaching Fellow, Humanities Division)
“Photosensitive Skin: Lebenresform Photography and the Open-Air Nude”

May 25 | Alice Casalini (PhD Candidate, Art History)
“Looking as ‘spiritual exercise:’ the case of central pillar caves in the rock monasteries of Kuča”
Respondent: Li Jiang (PhD Student, Art History)



January 28 | Brandon Sward [Co-Hosted with Disability Studies Workshop]
“’My practice is staying alive’: Critique and care in the sculptures of Emily Barker”
Respondent: Sila Ulug, PhD Student, Art History

February 2 | Maria Kuran (MAPH Student, Art History)

“Mona Hatoum: Transforming Tate Modern”
Respondent: Alan Longino, PhD Student, Art History

February 9 | Maggie Borowitz (PhD Candidate, Art History)
“Alternative Press and Politics: from Felipe Ehrenberg in London to Feminism in Mexico City”

March 9 | Federica Caneparo [Co-Hosted with Early Modern and Mediterranean Worlds Workshop]
“Petrarch’s Triumphs and early modern mural painting”


FALL 2021

October 6 | Welcome Reception
CWAC Courtyard, 4:30-6pm

October 20 | May Peterson (PhD Student, Art History)
“A Matter of Life and Death: Early Medieval Experiments in Incarnation, Inhumation, and Representation”
Respondent: Alice Casalini, PhD Candidate, Art History

November 3 | Toby Wu (MAPH Student, Art History)
“Aesthetic Tensions in Water Mediations of the Cold War—Seascapes, Performance & Gameplay in Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s Memorial Project Series (2001-2014)”

November 17 [REMOTE] | Zhenru Zhou (PhD Candidate, Art History)
“Animated Architecture: Picturing Pagodas through the Cave-Temples of Dunhuang, China, 850-1000 CE”

December 8 | Seth Estrin (Assistant Professor of Art History and the College)
“The Figure of the Slave on Classical Attic Funerary Monuments”


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