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FALL 2020

September 30
Lucien Sun, PhD Student, Art History
“Arranging the Conquests: Section I of the Codex Mendoza”
Respondent: Yifan Zou, PhD Student, Art History
*Please note the later time.

October 14
Christine Zappella, PhD Candidate, Art History
“What Being an NYC Public School Teacher Taught Me about Being an Art Historian: Some Thoughts on How to ‘Decolonize’ the Art Museum Right Now and Why We Need to Stop Saying That.”
Respondents: Dr. Margaret Morgan Grasselli, Visiting Senior Scholar for Drawings (Harvard Art Museum), Visiting Lecturer (History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University), and former Curator of Old Master Drawings (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC), and Keith Miller, J.D., NYC public school teacher and professional representative of the United Federation of Teachers

November 2 (Monday)*
Jessica Stockholder, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Visual Arts
“Cut a rug a round square”**
Respondent: Christine Mehring, Mary L. Block Professor of Art History and the College
*Please note that this meeting takes place on a Monday.
**Materials will be circulated at the beginning of the week.

November 11
Carly Boxer
, PhD Candidate, Art History
“Repetition: Practice and Perception as Late Medieval Approaches to Health”
Respondent: Tamara Golan, Assistant Professor of Art History and the College

November 23 (Monday)*
Luiza Osorio G. da Silva, PhD Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
“‘That he may behold’: Constructing Presence through Sight in Ancient Egyptian Art”
Respondent: Roko Rumora, PhD Student, Art History
*Please note that this meeting takes place on a Monday.

December 9
Sizhao Yi, PhD Student, Art History
“A Material Metaphor: Reading Crackle-Glazed Porcelain in Chen Hongshou’s Paintings”
Respondent: Meng Zhao, PhD Candidate, Art History
*Please note the earlier time.

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