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A Day of the World

By Maxim Gor’kii, originally published 1937

Essay by Robert Bird: “Revolutionary Synchrony: A Day of the World” 

The data analysis for Gorky’s A Day of the World is less focused on the text’s publication, and more on the network of people who helped to create the text, many of whom continued to collaborate in various ways in the years following A Day of the World. The first map illustrates the geographic spread of the network of collaborators, which is color-coded by nationality to highlight emigre communities that existed at the time — of particular note are the many German authors (who make up the majority of the collaborating authors to A Day of the World), who were gradually pushed out of Germany due to the rise of the Nazis. Many of their books would be banned or burned in Germany in the years following. 

Interactive map: Geographic location of contributing authors on September 27, 1935 (color-coded by nationality) 
Left: Contributing authors to A Day of the World by nationality
Right: List of collaborators with their geographical location on September 27, 1935