Winter Schedule 2018

Rhetoric & Poetics Winter Schedule, 2018

January 11 –– Stephen Kidd (Robert Gale Noyes Assistant Professor of Classics, Brown University), “Play and Aesthetics in Ancient Greece”

January 25 –– Amber Ace (PhD Student in Classics, UChicago), “How (not) to not fear death: the ulterior motives of Epicurean arguments against the fear of death”

February 8 –– Rosalie Stoner, (PhD Student in Classics, UChicago), “Cicero, Critic and Teacher: An Analysis of Teaching in the Orator”

February 22 ––  Jenna Sarchio, (PhD Student in Classics, UChicago), TBD

All meetings will take place on Thursday at 3:30pm in Classics 21 and will be followed by a reception.

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