Recording of Emma Pauly’s Bacchae at Rhetoric & Poetics Nov 19th 2020

Recording (w/ Screen Captions)

Closed Captioning by Larry Eames.

Archival Info

The performance was preceded by an Introduction by Emma (included in the video above) and followed by a 45-min discussion with some members of the cast and select audience members (not included).


A young person returns to their hometown for the first time in a long time, hoping to find acceptance. When they find the opposite, tempers flare, consequences ensue, and identities are questioned, changed, and dissolved. This translation of Bacchae centers a non-binary/gender non-conforming reading of Dionysus and roots itself in the worlds of gender, grief, and the family unit.

Directed & Translated by Emma Pauly

Cast List

Dionysus: Sarah “Sam” Saltiel

Pentheus: Claudio Sansone

Agave: Samantha Fenno

Kadmos: Lynn Fitzgerald

Tiresias: Eric Q. Vanderwall

Chorus Leader: Sally Rose Zuckert

First Messenger/Chorus: Hannah Halpern

Second Messenger/Chorus: Amber Ace

Soldier/Chorus: Jack Chelgren

Performance Poster

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