FAQ for Presenters

I would like to present a paper.  What is the process?

We typically send a call for papers/presentations in the summer for the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in presenting, reply to the call then or write to our coordinators to see if there are any open slots.

What kind of topics are suitable for the workshop?

R&P is centered on the study of ancient literature, broadly conceived. Most presenters works on ancient Greek and Roman literature, but we are open to work on other literatures of the ancient Mediterranean as well. Studies that emphasize reception, comparison with other cultures, and all adjacent fields are welcome.

What kind of work is acceptable for the workshop?

R&P is designed to workshop works-in-progress. Examples of the types of papers we workshop include: conference papers, articles, dissertation chapters, and dissertation proposals, and the like. If in doubt, feel free to email us, although usually we do not accept the following: term papers, reviews, and qualifying/substantial papers.

What is the format? 

Presentations run from 30-45 minutes, and the rest of the time is for questions and discussion. Papers are not pre-circulated. Presenters are encouraged to bring a handout and/or use audiovisual resources. We do not typically have respondents.

Who can present?

We accept submissions from PhD students and faculty members, as well as post-docs, MA students, and the like.