The Introductory Radiation Oncology Curriculum (IROC) is was designed ( for residency programs to orient new residents at the beginning of their residency program. The curriculum was implemented in 2018 and 2019 at 55 institutions across North America ( The curriculum consists of seven didactic sessions, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length for a total of approximately 8 hours of instruction.  IROC materials can be downloaded here or prerecorded sessions can be watched below.

IROC Principal Investigators
Emma Fields MD (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Rachel Jimenez MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)

CLICK HERE to download all IROC materials

Session 1 – Overview of Radiation Oncology including treatment workflow and frequently used radiation oncology abbreviations (30 minutes)

Session 2 – Patient simulation, including immobilization tools (2 hours)

Session 3 – Contouring (2 hours)

Session 4 – Plan Evaluation (2 hours)

Session 5 – Quality Assurance (30 minutes)

Session 6 – Treatment Delivery, including the composition of a linear accelerator, patient positioning, port films, and cone beam CT (60 minutes)

Session 7 – Management of radiation oncology emergencies (45 minutes)