University of Chicago Crew Club

Our Leaders

The 2020 Executive Board

We are proudly student run. Our members volunteer their time and efforts to more than just practices and regattas. The 12 elected officials handle all of the organization required to field a competitive team. Team members can read the board meeting notes by clicking on the link here.


President: Joe Henry

The president is the leader of the board. Everyone’s boss, the president is the key cog that keeps the team functioning.

Joe is in his third year on the team. He is a former captain and one of the fastest men around. He is studying Psychology.

Captains: Sonoe Fitzsimonds and August Culbert

The captains are the spiritual leaders of the team. They push each athlete to reach their full potential and make sure our crew is welcoming to all.

Sonoe is a second year in her second year on varsity. She is studying Economics and Statistics.

August is a fourth year who has been on varsity for all four years. He is studying Chemistry. This is his second year on the board. 

Internal Vice President: Tala Azzam

The IVP is the master of logistics. Organizing transportation to and from practices daily, they are the only reason the team is able to get anywhere.

Tala is a third year coxswain. She is serving in the role for the second consecutive year. She studies Biochemistry and Linguistics. 

External Vice President: Daniella Morgan-Pascualvaca

The EVP makes sure the rowers only have to worry about their race at regattas by managing transport, logistics, and housing for the team at races.

Daniella is a second year in her first year on varsity and first on the board. She studies Biology and Economics.

Treasurer: Neeraj Sharma

The treasurer is the master of team purse, nothing goes in or comes out without going through him.

Neeraj is a second year in his second year on varsity. He is was the acting treasurer in the fall and will continue through the 2020 season. He studies Economics and Political Science.

Fundraising Chairs: Eric Chen and Laurel Lyngklip

Keeping the team afloat (financially), is a busy job. The fundraising chair is responsible for the organization all fundraising activities. 

Eric is filling the role for the second consecutive year. He is a third year coxswain who studies Biology and Biochemistry.

Laurel is in her first year on varsity and first on the board. She is a second year who studies Art History and Anthropology.

Equipment Manager: David Calahan

Rowing requires a lot of stuff. Oars, boats, launches, launch kits, the list goes on. Keeping it all in top shape and keeping track of it all is the purview of the equipment manager.

David is a first year novice. Joining up to row for the first time in the fall, he is set to be a key member of the board.

Social Media Chair: Ridgely Knapp

There is no point winning all of these races if we can’t brag about it right? Well the social media chair makes sure everyone stays up to date on what is going on with UChicago Crew.

Ridge is a fourth year in his fourth year on the team. He has been varsity for three full season and is in his first year on the board. He studies Public Policy and is in the process of getting his masters.

Secretary: Tyler Werner

With all of these positions and all our events going on, someone has to be writing this all down. That falls to the secretary. 

Tyler is a third year in his third year on varsity and third year on the board. He studies Physics and Molecular Engineering.

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