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Setting the Standard

The University of Chicago Crew Team is expanding its fleet by buying a new 8+. With our recent seasons being amongst our best ever, it is time to upgrade our shells to match our growing ambition. Our sights are set on being the preeminent power in the midwest. Help us get there.







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Our progress to out $40,000 goal. We currently have raised over $31,500.

Our Campaign

We are thrilled to announce a plan to purchase a new-to-us boat before our water season in March. To do this, we will need to raise a total of $40,000. We have been working closely with the University Development team and with alumni to help us achieve this goal, but this alone won’t get us there. We need you, parents and friends of UChicago Crew, to support this vision. While this is no small task, we are already well over halfway to our goal. We are hoping to reach $30,000 by the end of the year.

Our goal is to buy an 8+, the largest boat rowed in competition, seating eight rowers plus coxswain. It is the ultimate symbol of teamwork and community. Rowing the 8+ requires not only perfect synchronization on the water but also dedication in training throughout the winter months as well.

Our team is in better competitive standing than ever before. We have more members, faster test times, and are aiming to raise the standard for UChicago Crew. In just the past few years, this is what we have accomplished:
5th place in the women’s 4+ at the Head of the Charles in 2013
Gold, silver, and bronze medals racing the men’s single at ACRA, our national championship regatta.
Silver medals in the men’s lightweight 4+ at ACRA in 2017 and 2018
Grand final placement in the women’s varsity 8+ at Dad Vail Regatta in 2013.
4th place in the women’s varsity 4+ at ACRA in 2019.
State championship trophy in 2018 and 2019
These are examples of what our team can do.

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