2022 Division B & C Invitationals

Explore campus and challenge yourself at our alumni-run tournaments.

Important Dates

****[1/1] UPDATE: We will be holding our 2022 invitational tournaments in the Satellite format. The specifics of the rules can be viewed here.

The Division B tournament will begin on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 9AM CT.
The Division C tournament will begin on Saturday, January 22, 2022 at 9AM CT.


We are accepting new registrations for our satellite tournament. Form closes on January 10th. If you wish to submit a late registration, please send an email directly to us to confirm at uchicagoscio@gmail.com

Invitational fees are $30/team for non-CPS schools and free for CPS schools. We accept payments made by check to the University of Chicago, mailed to this address: 

Reynolds Club RC001
University of Chicago Science Olympiad
5706 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Maximum of 2 teams per school. There will be no JV/V distinction while scoring. Maximum 15 students per team for the 23 regular events, and any team member and your alternates may compete in trial events.

All coaches must register on Scilympiad before our tournament. 


Rules and Guidelines

The UChicago Science Olympiad Tournament will follow all rules and guidelines as seen in the official National rulebook or online. This supersedes any adjustments made by Illinois State Science Olympiad or any other group. This is because we are hosting teams from many different states and want to keep the competition fair for all teams.

UCSO 2022 Satellite Tournament Official Rules

Submission Guidelines for Videos/Files


Team rules

  • Testing knowledge levels will follow STATE guidelines.
  • Building events and parameters will follow STATE level scoring. 
  • Students must follow the code of ethics and general rules.
  • Teams are 15 students each, max 2 alternates per team.
  • There is no separate JV/V tiering.
  • We will make our best effort to target questions in the Invitational/Regional level if stated in the rules—however, there is a chance that some testing event questions may fall into the State/National level of difficulty to give students a chance to practice before these competitions.
  • Students participating in building events must follow this policy. Arbitration is void if students remove their device from the impound area.
  • Events requiring eye protection and other safety equipment will disqualify and not allow students to compete in that event if students do not bring appropriate protective wear. Accordingly, we follow all safety requirements stated in the rules and students not following these will be ask to leave and will be disqualified from that event. We take safety seriously!
  • We will be following these scoring guidelines.

Tournament Results

Division B Team Placements All

Division B Raw Scores

Division B Awards Ceremony Video Link


Division C Team Placements All

Division C Raw Scores

Division C Awards Ceremony Video Link