SO-ED 2021-2022

Science Olympiad Enrichment Days

Welcome to the main page for the UCSO Winter Workshop for 2022! The Workshop Videos and Scavenger Hunt Instructions+Rules+Clues can be found here.

Workshop Video Links

Division B Videos:

Rocks and Minerals B: An Introduction to Mineralogy (

Anatomy and Physiology B: The Nervous System (

Crave the Wave B: An Overview (

Division C Videos:

Astronomy C: Kepler’s Law, Binaries, and Astronomical Distances  (

Astronomy C: Stellar Evolution (

Rocks and Minerals C: An Introduction to Mineralogy (

Chemistry Lab C: Overview of the Test Component (

Division B/C (suitable for both) Videos: 

Write It, Do It B/C: 10 Tips for Teams (

Ornithology B/C: Part 1: Vocabulary (

Ornithology B/C: Part 2: Feathers (


Scavenger Hunt Instructions, Clues, etc:

All available on this document: