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Month: March 2010

Spring 2010 Schedule

The Semiotics Workshop is pleased to announce its Spring 2010 schedule:

Thursday, April 8th, Daniel Rosenblatt

Assistant Professor, Carleton University

“Indigenizing the City: The Construction of Maori Community in Auckland as Representation, Experience, and Self-Making”

Thursday, April 22th, Gregory Thompson

Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago

“The Interactional Recognition of Attention Deficit, Non Sequitur”

Thursday, May 6th, Benjamin White

Anthropology, University of Chicago

“Sovereignty in Discourse: The Semiosis of a Concept in the Works of Thomas Hobbes”

Thursday, May 20th, Sarah Luna

Anthropology, University of Chicago

“Getting Away with Murder: Sovereignty, Subjectivity, and the (Social) Space of Mexican Border Cities”

Thursday, June 3rd, Lily Chumley

Anthropology, University of Chicago


Dennis Baron – 3/11

“Should Everybody Write? The Destabilizing Technologies of Communication”

Dennis Baron
Professor of English and Linguistics
University of Illinois

Thursday, March 11th
Haskell Hall, Room 101
Refreshments will be served.

The paper is available by request from the graduate student coordinators. For a copy, please email Bill Feeney ( or Amy McLachlan (

Persons with disabilities who believe they may need assistance, please contact one of the above coordinators in advance.

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