The Semiotics Workshop is pleased to announce its 2013 Spring Quarter Theme and Schedule:


“Semiotic spatialities”

Despite, or because of, the ways in which semiotic forms constantly travel, there are many attempts to keep them within boundaries of space and place. Papers this quarter will address how semiotic forms are bound, maintained and controlled within particular socio-geographic milieux.



April 11 – “Anatomy of a failed raid: gendered harassment on the internet and the metapragmatics of trolling”

Giovanni Ricci

PhD Student, Anthropology

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Michael Castelle

April 25 – “‘The Irish Appelation’: How and why whiskey became ‘Irish’ in the early modern British imaginary”

Megan Edwards

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Colin Halverson

Joint meeting with IAW, in Haskell 315

May 16 – “Chronotope and Crisis: Interdiscursivity and the Semiotic Production of Violence”

Gabe Tusinski

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Giovanni Ricci

Meeting in Haskell Mezzanine Room 131

May 23 – “Warring standards: Contesting the enregisterment of Cosmopolitan Mandarin”

Qing Zhang

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Univ. of Arizona

Discussant: Angelica Felice

June 6 – TBA

Erik Skjon

PhD Candidate

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Elizabeth Brummel