The Semiotics Workshop is pleased to announce its 2013 Autumn Theme & Schedule:


Embodied Absence


In the Autumn Quarter, we will focus on the materiality and embodiment of signs, that is to say, those contexts in which semiotic form is seen as both distinct from and expressed in some material/cultural/physiological substratum. At stake, in the first place, is the poetic “bundling” of qualities as qualia, and so the opening of the sign to the caprice of material circumstance. In the second place, is the calling into question of the markedness of “media” which depend on fundamental displacements of the intensional practice so mediated. Paradigmatic of this displacement is the distinction drawn (temporal/spacial/ontological) between authors, principals, and animators.


October 3: “Cultures of Consent & the Reappropriation of Law in the ‘Shadow of Law'”

Jill Weinberg

PhD Candidate, Sociology

Northwestern Univ.

Discussant: Colin Halverson


October 17:  “The Narrative Semiosis of Disruption and Resettlement Among Khmer American Refugees”

Brandon Bales

MAPSS Student

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Stacy Pape


October 31: “‘The Dark World’: Material Signs of Ghostly Presence and Power in Timor-Leste”

Gabriel Tusinski

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Univ. of Chicago

Discussant: Adam Sargent


December 5: Title TBA

Adrienne Lo

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Discussant: Owen Kohl