The 18th Annual Michicagoan Graduate Student Conference in Linguistic Anthropology

May 6-7, 2016

3rd Floor Theater, Ida Noyes Hall

University of Chicago


Friday May 6th

9:00 Breakfast and Registration

9:30 Opening Remarks



Panel I: Mobilities and Transnationalisms (9:45 – 11:15)

9:45 A Partner for Peace

Yaqub Hilal

10:00 Mediating Infrastructures: Security and Biometric Belonging in Urban Pakistan

Zehra Hashimi

10:15 On the (An)Aesthetics of Translation: Alienation and Techno-linguisic dependency in Sino-African Mass-Migrancies

Jay Schutte

10:30 Lei Feng wouldn’t drive an Audi

Britta Ingebretson

10:45 Discussant Kristina Wirtz (and audience discussion)
11:15 Break (11:15-11:30)

Panel II: Multimedia and Meta-media (11:30 – 1:00)

11:30 Echo in the archive: Tanya Tagaq’s Nanook of the North

Robyn Taylor-Neu

11:45 You are the problem who is problematizing it”: A frame analysis of Korean Buddhist spontaneous question-answer sessions on YouTube

Yeon-ju Bae

12:00 Musical Lyrics and Youtube Commentary on Kurdish Identity Politics

Sevda Arslan

12:15 Who’s ‘More Musical’?: Underscoring Distinction in Ex-YU Hip Hop DJing

Owen Kohl

12:30 Discussant Ilana Gershon (and audience discussion)



Lunch (1:00 – 2:00)


Panel III: Modeling Identities Multimodally (2:00 – 3:30)
2:00 The Problem and Appeal of Authenticity in Mediatized Maya Discourse

Chris Bloechl

2:15 Technologies of the Hand: Bets, Being a Man, and “Half-Handshakes” in Laos

Chip Zuckerman

2:30 Mediatization and the Assemblage of Political Agents in Turkey’s Kurdish Conflict

Patrick Lewis

2:45 The Role of Trolling in Shaping Cultural Discourse and Identity: a case study of an anonymous internet message board

Marc Lehman

3:00 Discussant: Alaina Lemon (and audience discussion)
3:30 Break (3:30-3:45)

Panel IV: Institutions of Mediation (3:45 – 5:15)

3:45 Seeing the Forest for the Trees: How a Village Council Debates Land Use in a Protected Rainforest

Jessica Pouchet

4:00 Biographies of “Marginal Men”

Perry Wong

4:15 Language as semiotic technology at the International Atomic Energy Agency
Anna Weichselbraun
4:30 The Art of Knowing: Depersonalized Voices and Technologies of Mediation in Turkey’s Kurdistan

Özge Korkmaz

4:45 Discussant: Matthew Hull (and audience discussion)
5:15 Break (5:15 – 5:30)
5:30 – 7:00 Keynote Address: A Short History of Vowels

John Durham Peters




Student Dinner



Saturday May 7th


9:00am Breakfast

Panel V: Framing Absence, Personifying Presence (10:00 – 11:30)

10:00 Speaking in Ashes: Embodied Space in Divination and Grammar

Joshua Shapero

10:15 Coded Engagements: Teasing Siri with ‘Nandeyanen’

Bill Feeney

10:30 The Importance of a Frame

Meghanne Barker

10:45 The Social Media Life of a Deceased Tibetan Poet: Blue Lake, Identity Formations, and WeChat

Huatse Gyal

11:00 Discussant: Chris Ball (and audience discussion)
11:30 Break (11:30 – 11:45)



Panel VI: Translating Medical Assemblages (11:45 – 1:15)

11:45 From Tantra to Textbook: Textual Transformations of Tibetan Medicine

Todd P. Marek

12:00 Trauma as Sign: Temporality and Narrative in “Post-Traumatic Growth”

Livia Garofalo

12:15 Sieving Uncertainty

Colin Halverson

12:30 Billable Language and Artifactual Technologies of Social Work

Matilda Stubbs

12:45 Discussant: Summerson Carr (and audience discussion)



Lunch (1:15 – 2:30)




Panel VII: Reforming the Political, Revealing the Religious (2:30 – 4:00)

2:30 Chronotopes of “We-Ness”: Legacies of an Authoritarian Past and Disappointments with Democracy in the 2014 Indonesian Presidential Campaigns

Fadi Hakim

2:45 Confessional discourse and the language of the liberation-oppression paradigm in the first decade of the P.R.C.

Alice Yeh

3:00 Figuration as Semiotic Technology at the Islamic Center of America

Amanda Kemble

3:15 Reading Prophecies, Taming Demons: Buddhism in Sertar, 1950-1987

Jin Li

3:30 Discussant: Justin Richland (and audience discussion)
4:00 Break (4:00 – 4:15)

Panel VIII: Quantification and Qualification (4:15 – 5:30)

4:15 Technologies of Visualization, Technologies of Scale: Maps, National Crisis, and the Legitimacy of Law in Singapore Urban Planning

Josh Babcock

4:30 Towards a Semiotics of Units: The Rhemacity, Dicensity and Argumencity in the Evolution of Technological Language

Yukun Zeng

4:45 Dangerous evaluations: 360-degree feedback in South Korea

Michael Prentice

5:00 Discussant: Michael Lempert (and audience discussion)
6:00 Dinner and reception