Thursday, January 17 
Adam Sargent (Postdoctoral Researcher, Northwestern University)
“The Hazards of Training: Ideologies of Labor and the Consequences of Toil in India’s Construction Industry”
Thursday, January 31
Christopher Bloechl (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology)
“Unacknowledged Regimentation in Standardized Yucatec Maya”
Thursday, February 14
Patrick Lewis (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology)
“Memurluk, Kurdish Youth and the Turkish State: Public-Making, Value-Creation, and State-Formation in New Institutions of Higher Education in North Kurdistan/Southeastern Turkey”
Thursday, February 28 
Britta Ingebretson (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology)
Thursday, March 7
Alaina Lemon (Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan)
“Haptics in Semiosis: The Feeling of Being Animated”
Thursday, March 14
Shalini Shankar (Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University)
“Entailments of Generation: Potential and Excess of a Fraught Social Category”