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Poem by Wendy Trevino

“A look at the history of the statues being attacked by protesters worldwide,” a 7-minute video by Washington Post.

“Toppling monuments is a global movement. And it works.” (Op-Ed by Ana Lucia Araújo)



Protesters topple down Confederate Monument In D.C.


Fredericksburg, Va., removes a slave auction block from downtown 


Protesters Behead Christopher Columbus’s statue in Boston 


Protesters in Richmond, Va. take Columbus’s statue down and dump it in lake; city retrieves it 


Protesters tear down Christopher Columbus statue in Saint Paul, Minnesota 


Virginia governor announces removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee (after protesters deface it); judge blocks removal 


Philadelphia removes Frank L. Rizzo’s statue after being vandalized/defaced throughout the years 


Protesters topple Jefferson Davis statue in Virginia capital 

Man shot during protest over Spanish conqueror’s statue


Thomas Jefferson statue toppled in Portland, Oregon




Protesters take down Edward Colston’s statue and dump it in the river (Bristol, UK)


Protesters deface and set fire on Leopold II statues in Belgium; city removes it 


Barcelona retira la estatua de un comerciante de esclavos en Cuba 


Robert Milligan: Slave trader statue removed from outside London museum



Schoelcher Statues destroyed on Emancipation Day in Martinique: Schoelcherism on Trial


Statue of Borba Gato, Portuguese Settler Known as the “Indian Hunter,” Is Protected 24/7


For a more comprehensive list, check this Wikipedia article.

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