Websites and digital resources on the Atlantic slave trade:

H-Slavery – Digital Resources for the Study of Global Slavery and the Slave Trade

Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database (version 2.0)

University of Chicago Library Guide on Slavery and Diaspora

Slavery and Visual Culture Working Group at Yale University (directed by Professor Cécile Fromont)

Slavery Images – A Visual Record of the African Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Early African Diaspora

Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Abolition – A curated platform that explores intersections between slavery and the fashion system

Visualización del rostro esclavo en el mundo transatlántico,” talk by co-founder Agnes Lugo-Ortiz at the University of Puerto Rico, on March 2019.

Related upcoming events:

CFP: Afro-Latin Arts: New Research, New Paradigm (Panel at the African Art Council Triennial in Chicago).

Chair 1: Cécile Fromont
Chair 2: Ximena Gómez
Abstract: This panel explores Afrolatinidad/ Afrolatinidade / the Afro-latin as a new paradigm for the study of the expressive cultures of men and women of African origins or descent in the Americas. It highlights new research on Afro-Latin arts from the first moments of the African presence in the Americas circa 1500 to the present that presents historiographic or methodological reflections on the Afro Latin in comparison and contrast to the notion of diasporic art.

Please address all queries and/ or submit a paper proposal directly to the chair(s) of the specific panel or roundtable that you are interested in by January 14.

Your proposal submitted to the chair of the relevant panel should include: 1) your name and title 2) your affiliation (if any);  3) your  email  4) the title of your proposed paper and 5) an abstract of no more than 100 words.