Upcoming 3CT Conference


Dec 3-5, 2010

The Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory (3CT) invites you to join us for the inaugural conference of its new Economy and Society Series:

The Global Crisis: Rethinking Economy and Society

The ongoing global economic crisis poses a serious challenge to our understanding of large-scale social processes and, hence, of our own historical circumstances.  Global capitalist society appears to be entering a new phase, yet the social sciences seem ill-equipped to elucidate the systemic dynamics of this transformation. This conference brings together key economists, sociologists, political scientists and historians to discuss the social and economic transformations characterizing the contemporary world as well as the implications of these transformations for the study of economic life.

Confirmed Participants Include:

  • David Harvey
  • Duncan Foley
  • Beverly Silver
  • Immanuel Wallerstein
  • Vivek Chibber
  • Ho-fung Hung
  • Claudio Lomnitz
  • Achille Mbembe
  • Neil Brenner
  • Jamie Peck
  • Nik Theodore
  • Peter Evans
  • Saskia Sassen
  • Michael Hardt
  • Richard Sennett
  • Kaushik Sunder Rajan
  • James Galbraith
  • Benjamin Lee
  • Edward LiPuma
  • Greta Krippner

Location: Swift Hall (3rd Floor Lecture Room)

This event has been co-sponsored by: the Franke Institute of the Humanities, the Norman Wait Harris Fund, the History Department, the Anthropology Department, the Nicholson Center for British Studies, and the Social Sciences Division

For further information, please contact Anwen Tormey 773.702.0230 or amtormey@uchicago.edu

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