Spring Workshop Schedule

The spring quarter schedule for the Social Theory Workshop is as follows:

Apr 2 Fabian Arzuaga, PhD Candidate, Political Science, “Norm and Critique of Individualism in the Neoliberal Era: Towards a Critical Theory of the Entrepreneurial-Self”

April 16, Stacie Hanneman, PhD Candidate, History, “Moving Beyond the ‘Unequal Treaties’: Theorizing Modern Interstate Relations”

Apr 30 Zeb Dingley, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, “‘Joking is War’: Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Segeju-Digo Kinship.”

May 21 Istvan Adorjan, PhD Candidate, Sociology, TBD

May 28 Lisa Simeone, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, “The Making of an International ‘Otherclass’: Lessons from the History of Capitalism”

All sessions, with the exception of May 28, take place at 8pm in Wilder House (5811 S. Kenwood)

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