“Work” Photographs by Bill Sewell–Friday April 12 6pm


Photographs by Bill Sewell

Exhibition Opening Reception

Friday April 12, 6pm

Wilder House / 5811 S. Kenwood
** Cocktails and Refreshments will be served **

This exhibition was composed as a meditation on aspects of the life of labor and draws from a series of photographs shot in Chicago’s Loop (1999-2000) and in the Marais district of Paris (2011-2012).
Reflecting upon a number of work experiences, objects and sites, this collection of photographs explores a range of existential and emotional qualities entailed in the quotidian experience of work.

WORK was mounted in anticipation of 3CT’s upcoming conference “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Work” which will examine the structural transformations of capitalism and of the world of work in recent decades.
Further detail concerning this conference will be available shortly at ccct.uchicago.edu

These events have been generously co-sponsored by the Center for Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC),  the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS), the History Department and the Department of Political Science.
Anyone who may need assistance attending these events should contact amtormey@uchicago.edu


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