Spring 2015 Schedule

May 7:

Originating the Derivative
Ed LiPuma
Professor of Anthropology, University of Miami

May 21:

“Individuality as domination and emancipation in Marx’s mature critical theory”
Fabian Arzuaga
PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science,
University of Chicago

May 14:

“Proto-Colonialism and the Great Divergence: Culture, Markets and Coercion”
Ralph A. Austen
Professor Emeritus of African History
University of Chicago

May 25 (Annual BBQ, 4pm):

 “Charles Dickens, Between Literature and Social Criticism”
Ben Schacht
PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature
Northwestern University

June 4:   

“Integration or Exception? The Ethics of Immigration During Times of Crisis”
Lisa M. Simeone
PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
University of Chicago

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