Fall 2017 Schedule

social theory workshop
fall 2017
october 5
The Social Lives of the Philosophes: The Case of the Abbé Morellet
From the book manuscript tentatively titled Eighteenth Century Capitalism and the Cultural Origins of the French Revolution
William Sewell, Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science, UChicago
october 12
“Political Danger” and Private Property: Colonial Land Management in Nineteenth Century British India
Fahad Sajid, PhD Candidate in Political Science, UChicago
october 26
Land Grabbing and the Contradictions of Sovereign Territory
Anna Jurkevics, PhD Candidate in Political Theory, Yale
november 16 
Zapatista Civic Pedagogy: The Accumulation of Struggle in the Zapatista Conjuncture
Manolo Callahan, Lecturer in Mexican American Studies, San Jose State
november 30
Liberal Justice and its Victims
Yaqub Hilal, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, UChicago
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