Kyla Bourne @ S.T.E.W.: Constructing the Criminal Persona in Felony Sentencin

Hey Folks,

Please join the Social Theory and Evidence Workshop today at 12 PM Noon in SS-302. On this occasion, STEW is proud to host Kyla Bourne as she workshops her proposal titled “Constructing the Criminal Persona in Felony Sentencing.” Please find Kyla’s paper in the Sociology listserv email or email Antoine for a copy. Lunch will be provided to all of our guests, so we hope you all can make it!

The Social Theory and Evidence Workshop presents:

Constructing the Criminal Persona in Felony Sentencing

Kyla Bourne
Ph.D. Student, The University of Chicago

Monday May 2, 12 Noon – 1:20 PM
*Social Sciences 302*

Please come early for refreshments. Vegans and Vegetarians welcome.

For further inquiries or if you require assistance to attend the event, please contact Antoine Jones at antoinej (at)

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