Wenner-Grenn Writing Workshop for PhD Students

UChicagoGRAD will host a writing workshop for Anthropology PhD students planning to apply for the May 1st Wenner-Gren deadline.

The workshop will be held on April 19th, from 1-3pm in UChicagoGRAD. Students can RSVP via GRAD Gargoyle: GRAD Gargoyle (Events > GRAD Events).

In order to participate students must submit a draft of their responses to Project Description Questions 1, 3, and 4 in advance of the workshop. The deadline for participation is Monday, April 8th at 12pm CST.

  • Question 1: Describe the purpose of your research. What will be the focus of your investigation? What is your main research question? What other questions will you need to answer to address it? [Limit: 1000 words]
  • Question 3: What evidence will you need to collect to answer your research question? How will you go about collecting and analyzing this evidence? [Limits: 1000 words]
  • Question 4: How have you prepared yourself to do this research? Describe your language competence, technical skills, previous research, and any other relevant experience. Describe any work you have already done on this project and how this research relates to other research you have done. You may be working with academic collaborators, If so, please describe their role in this project and how it will relate to yours. [Limit: 1000 words]

The success of our workshop depends on everyone’s willingness to actively participate in a cooperative and encouraging writing environment. By committing to read, engage with, and support your colleagues in their writing processes, you are also agreeing to provide them with the confidentiality that the integrity of their research, work, and their personal process requires. Your RSVP signals your promise to fully participate in this workshop and your understanding that all circulated work is the intellectual property of its author(s).